The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, June 16, 2005
Being At Your Computer On a Thursday Night Is Where It's At

If for some reason, you:

a) Did not score tickets to tonight's sold-out Bloc Party show at 9:30 Club
b) Did not score tickets to tonight's sold-out Modest Mouse show at DAR

Then you could either:

c) Take a stab at buying tickets from a scalper at the door
d) Suck it up, admit defeat, and stay in for the night at your apartment because you're too cool for either concert

If d) turned out to be your choice for the evening, then you could always stream Bloc Party's concert at the 9:30 tonight live thanks in part to NPR's All Songs Considered Internet program. They'll be conducting an interview with the band at 9:30pm before they hit the stage at 10. All Songs Considered was originally going to stream Modest Mouse's show instead, but NPR soon realized how shitty of a venue DAR actually was.*

* - Merely humorous speculation by TUL, see you there tonight!

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