The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, June 09, 2005
TUL's Take: The Killers @ Merriweather Post Pavilion

1) Regina Spektor - Still stuck in traffic in Bethesda. Nothing like having a huge outdoor concert in the middle of the week with gates opening right at the peak of rush hour!

2) Maximo Park - Same as above. Rather unfortunate as this was the band I wanted to see the most.

3) Louis XIV - I'd personally like to thank this band for giving The Upstate Life more than enough time to purchase a hot dog (of which I finished while waiting in line for my pretzel) and several beers without the feeling that I was missing something important.

4) Keane - Though I'm not really familiar with their work, best performance of the night thus far. Carried themselves well, albeit cheesy at times, but had great stage presence.

5) The Killers - So-so outing that was interrupted by a drunken high schooler behind TUL who confused me as one of his fellow Churchilll/Wooton buddies no more than on three consecutive occasions.

Highlight of the night - Anonymous drunken teenager asking us if we had water, saying he would even pay us for it. Pay us!!! One of our friends politely informs him that there were several concession stands at the venue that offer an assortment of beverages in exchange for his monetary possessions. Somewhat confused, he scampered off and assumingly was able to find his way.

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