The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, July 08, 2005
Love That Hummus

Can you believe TUL had the gall to leave you hanging the past two weeks? Well, given the zero comments that were left pertaining to my whereabouts during this hiatus, I've boiled down to the conclusion that a)either no one really noticed, or were b) either freaking out in the corner of their room because they didn't find out how much the GA tickets cost for the White Stripes/Shins Merriweather show. Either way, The Upstate Life has officially returned to the states from an incredible ten day trip in Israel. I've never been out of the country before, let alone more west than Pennsylvania, so it was quite the experience. Upstate New Yorkers live quite the sheltered lives, eh? It was part of the Birthright Israel program, but what made this trip even more special was the fact it was the first-ever DC Community Trip. The group was comprised of 21 to 26 year olds from the metro area and heavily contributed to making TUL's vacation in Israel that much more special. We had ourselves a little reunion happy hour at Lucky Bar (yes yes, that Lucky Bar) last night and had a great time and an excellent turnout. The $2 Bud Light bottles weren't too shabby either. I wanted to post a few pics on here but the jay-oh-bee is currently prohibiting me from accessing that right now, so unfortunately you'll have to wait another day to view TUL stuffing his face with falafel. Speaking of which, anyone know a good place in the area to get some shwarma? Shit is amazing.

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