The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Where's My Kosher Cart?

Just a note that tickets for the Kings of Leon/Secret Machines show on Thursday, August 11 at the 9:30 will be going on sale tomorrow morning online and at the box office at 10am.

Now that the NBA Draft has come and gone, it wasn't much of a surprise to Maryland fans that John Gilchrist wasn't called up to the pros. As many were relishing the fact that the 2004 ACC Tourney MVP was left in the dust and bound for some Euro league of which never to be heard from again, the Cleveland Cavs have picked up the now ex-Terp point guard for their summer league and see if he will be able earn a spot on their roster. In all fairness, TUL has to admit the guy does have a decent shot of making the team if he's able to leave his emotions off the court, obvs. Tie that in with Cleveland lacking a draft selection this year and the odds are easily in your favor. What really caught TUL off guard was that the fact that former Terrapin Ryan Randle also appeared on the Cavalier's summer roster! The Upstate Life was curious about whatever happened to Sleepy Randle, but it appears that question has finally been answered.

After work, The Upstate Life will be heading down to RFK to root for his Mets and see if they'll be able to bounce back after last night's loss against the Nationals. TUL was banking on getting a knish at the game but soon realized that RFK just isn't Shea.

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