The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, August 12, 2005
TUL's Take: (Pseudo) Restaurant Week at Corduroy

Even though Restaurant Week has come and gone like a batch of steroids through Rafael Palmeiro's bloodstream, several establishments have continued their prix-fixed dinners throughout the past few days. One of these restaurants, the much raved about Corduroy, was one of them, and it was an opportunity The Upstate Life simply couldn't pass up. I should also note that similar to Ceiba, Corduroy had their entire menu available to order from for their prix-fixed special. For the appetizer, I went with the renowned Buffalo Mozzarella Porcupine. It was a lightly fried piece of mozzarella topped with very fine noodle-like pieces which made for an incredibly delicious appetizer. As for the main course, I ordered the Roasted Lamb Sirloin with Goat Cheese Mini Ravioli. The lamb was so succulent words simply could not give it justice. Not to be excluded, the ravioli perfectly accompanied the dish and was a nice departure from the typical starch selection that comes with a meat entrée. As if this dinner could not get any better, enter dessert. It was of course a no-brainer to order Michel's Kit Kat Bars. These things were literally to die for (repeatedly, mind you). You could say they're similar to the candy they're named after, just multiply the taste and quality factor by infinity plus one. Corduroy undoubtedly exceeded my expectations from the moment we walked in. Not only did each course get exponentially better after the next, but the service was impeccable. Without question simply the best restaurant The Upstate Life has been to during this Restaurant Week festivity. If you haven't experienced one of the best restaurants in DC yet, you have until tomorrow night to jump on the opportunity to get an amazing dinner at a reasonable price. Seriosuly dude, you can get Five Guys another night.

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