The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, October 12, 2005
The Circle of Death Strikes Again

Remember that unfortunate accident The Upstate Life had back in August at Chevy Chase Circle? Well, after two months of claims and litigation, it turns out my insurance company was unable to reclaim my losses (deductible) since each party involved provided conflicting information. That's right, the person who hit me (you know, the one that entered the circle without yielding to traffic already inside) said that I was changing lanes which forced them to collide into my car. Funny, you know, since I was in the same frickin lane the entire time before even entering the damn circle. Then again, I guess the only time I was supposedly changing lanes was swerving out of the way in order to avoid your dumbass since yield signs evidently don't apply to you (or lane markings for that matter either)! Not only is this an outright lie, but because of their fictitious statement, their insurance sent me a letter saying that my negligent behavior was a contributing factor as to why this accident occurred. Bullshit is only the slightest of terms to call out what's going on here. What's worse is that TUL is now stuck in a dead-end situation because since there were no witnesses and/or a police report, I really don't have a case to fight this and will be forced to suck up the loss. The only good news to come out of this was my provider declaring that I wasn't at-fault, though I'm not sure if this will cause my premium to go up. So if there were any witnesses around Chevy Chase Circle on that fateful evening of Saturday, August the 20th, please stand up and support the innocence of The Upstate Life, otherwise I'll just have to rename this blog The Short End of the Stick.

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