The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, October 14, 2005
It's Been Awhile Since We Did a Cheap Plug

Now that I'm able to eat again after yesterday's painfully long fast, The Upstate Life celebrated his ability to consume absurd quantities of food by heading over to College Park for lunch during work today to help support his fellow Maryland alum's entrepreneurial establishment, South Street Steaks, which just opened shop a little over two weeks ago. If you're a former resident of Philadelphia like the owners of South Street, then I'm sure you've been aching for a real, authentic Philly cheesesteak. You see, TUL realizes that you've found nothing in the DC Metro area that has really filled that void once you parted ways with Philadelphia, specifically finding a cheesesteak of caliber quality like ones served at places like the famous Jim's Steaks. Jamie and company founded their establishment based on Jim's, allowing you to order your sandwich straight to the cook. They've even "imported" the breads and rolls from Philly as well, transporting you and your taste buds out of PG County, at least for a little while. And yes, they're stockpiled to the brim of Cheese Whiz. He'll even spit in your sandwich if you say you're a Skins fan!

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