The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, February 27, 2006
And We're Back

Back to the cold. Back to the bleak. What can I say other than it sucks to be back at work after spending an incredible, relaxing weeklong vacation in the Bahamas and Florida. I literally feared the moment coming back to the office today, mostly regarding the countless voicemail and email messages that would be awaiting me. But you know what? I didn't have any voicemail whatsoever, not a single one. How does such a thing occur? I'm utterly perplexed. I gave the whole "I'll be away for so and so and return next week, so leave a message after the tone" schpiel hoping that it would fend off callers and cause them to hang up and try back next week. Who knew that shit would actually work? As for the email, same scenario. I did that out-of-office message auto-reply thing, and somehow, someway, it too pulled clutch detail. So maybe it's not as bad as I originally thought. Let's see what I missed while TUL was away while getting sunburnt in the most oddest of places (most notably the tops of my hands, both forearms, and my right ear):

1) Catherine and Tom get a mention in the Post about starting the Butterstick phenomenon. TUL's advice - get that shit trademarked, fast.
2) Presale tickets go on-sale for Built to Spill's 9:30 Club shows. Meanwhile, TUL falls back on the Carl Weathers principle and will wait to buy tickets at the box office to save $4.50.
3) Jack Bauer KO's Curtis in entertaining fashion, but The Upstate Life believes punching Lynn in the face would be much funnier/more awesome, mostly because, you know, it's Rudy.
4) Stars put on what was said to be an incredible show at the Black Cat according to one of TUL's non-blogging correspondents.
5) Terps lose again, and then again. I rather go through another debridement procedure at the dentist rather than watch this team continue its self-implosion.

Between the peeling skin and reluctance to accept the fact I won't be eating chateaubriand for dinner, at least we know Lost will be a new episode this week. I guess it's not that bad. Wait a minute, scratch that. Rent's due Wednesday. Shit.

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