The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, March 16, 2006
Cubicle Surviving First Round

The Diamondback, Maryland's student newspaper, ran an article today on how social networking sites such as Facebook have caused quite the commotion for the Athletic Department, exposing possibly incriminating photos and profiles of student athletes which were, at the time, easily available to the public.

The administration's biggest concern, according to Lipitz, was the availability of athletes' personal information and the possibility of identity theft across the Internet, not the harm or damage of incriminating or inappropriate material.

Yes, because whether or not they're looking for random play in the Looking For section is apparently more important to the AD than a snapshot of an athlete playing beer pong in the basement of some frat house while flipping off the camera.

Senior basketball player Sterling Ledbetter, who lists interests including "sippin a lil somethin....Whatevers fun!!!!!!," regards having an account on Facebook as part of his personal life. He said men's basketball coach Gary Williams did not speak to the team about their Facebook profiles

"Facebook, that's just something that people do in their personal lives. Some people do it, some people don't," Ledbetter said. "That's personal life."

Maybe if Ledbetter laid off sippin' on the suck-juice and instead worked on his point guard skills, we could've possibly won just a few more games. Well, I won't go that far, but you know what I mean. By the way, did anyone catch that Pacific/Boston College 2OT thriller? TUL certainly didn't due to CBS' on-demand video stream flaking out every five minutes, but that's probably a good thing seeing as how I have the Eagles in my Final Four. Oh well, at least the cubicle was spared from any reactionary damage. Then again, we're only in the first day of the first round, so that's bound to change eventually.

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