The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, March 03, 2006
Separation Sunday

While Maryland accomplished what it needed to this past Wednesday, narrowly defeating Miami 65-61, it didn't help that Florida State defeated Duke the very same night down in Tallahassee. While I enjoy any team that defeats the Blue Devils (especially ones that beat them in overtime of an ACC Championship game, ah memories), their upset was a more of a double-edged sword. Remember, despite the Seminoles overcoming the number one team in the nation, Florida State is not a lock, at least not yet. Duke was their only good win of their entire season, placing them squarely on the bubble. On the other hand, if Florida State goes on to beat Miami, this would solidify the fact that at least five teams from the ACC would be dancing. In effect, this further hurts the Terps' chances of even entering the bubble landscape. A victory this Sunday at UVA would bring them to 8-8 in the ACC, and while the percentage of teams reaching .500 in the conference go on to receive at-large bids for March Madness is favorable, Maryland simply cannot rely on that statistic. Defeating the Cavaliers and at least one more team in the ACC Tourney will allow Maryland to reenter the bubble picture. Making it to the semis would essentially be a lock. Then again, this entire discussion is essentially trivial pending whether the Terps can get 'er done in Charlottesville Sunday afternoon. Wait, did I really just say "get 'er done"?

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