The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, April 21, 2006
Eating Texas BBQ > Blogging

The Upstate Life would like to take this Friday afternoon time to apologize to its readers by leaving them high and dry for what has now been an unannounced three day hiatus. You see, we had to travel to Texas for work, but still assumed we'd have Internet access in our hotel in order to post things such as what pissed us off about last night's OC episode*. The problem was that we banked on the fact that our lodging would provide us with an Ethernet jack since our provided laptop unfortunately does not have wireless capabilities. Who knew Hilton and Co. would offer us the glories of free wireless Internet but were somehow too cheap to install a frickin Ethernet jack into the wall? Thus, I've been left with a laptop that is basically a portable solitaire-playing workstation. We'll resume our normally scheduled bitching on Monday when we're done dealing with this central time zone shit.

* - Hint: It rhymes with schmerizon

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