The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, April 14, 2006
Lollapalooza Bound

It's funny to note that in my entire existence, I have not once attended a music festival that was more than 100 miles from where I was currently living. Even more interesting is the fact that besides the annual Art Attack at Maryland, the '99 Warped Tour was the only such music festival I've been too. Ah yes, who could forget my angst-ridden teenager years of standing in a dust bowl for four hours in the 90 degree weather watching punk bands that I haven't even listened to in years. Then again, I think the only reason I went was because this girl I knew was able to get free tickets, so could I need more justification?

Anyway, this year I was determined to attend Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Austin City Limits (the decision was made too late to flock to Austin for SXSW). After the Coachella lineup proved to be lackluster compared to earlier years (Tool??? I didn't even like them in high school), and with ACL yet to announce their artists despite opening sales for tickets (who would buy tickets for a festival where you don't even know who you're going to see yet? Anyone?), Lolla seemed the most logical choice. They have a stellar lineup (The Rapture were just added btw!), a city for which I've never been to before, and a pretty reasonable ticket price ($130 for three days).

Through the help of Kayak, I was able to book a fairly-priced hotel room for three nights that's about a mile away from Grant Park. Supplement that with the free round trip ticket voucher I earned through Southwest by flying to Albany a gazillion times a year, and you have yourselves one affordable music weekend. I just find it funny/sad that both days of HFStival in the pit cost more than Lolla (or an Xbox).

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