The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, April 13, 2006
TUL's Take: Wolf Parade @ Black Cat

Not only were we:

a) Able to find parking in Dupont for our Passover Seder
b) Leave the Seder early enough that we didn't appear ungrateful leaving for a concert (or at least so we assume)
c) Able to find parking literally right in front of the Black Cat (for serious, like right in front of the door), but also
d) Make it just in time for Wolf Parade to hit the stage
e) Attend four shows in five days

So yeah, I'm expecting each and every one of you patting us on the back for pulling that one off. Despite not making it in time for opener Holy Fuck, it fortunately turned out we didn't miss much. Since we arrived just moments before Wolf Parade were slated to start, we amazingly managed to find a perfect viewing location at the left bar area despite the place being sold-out.

As you may have already known, I've been anxiously waiting for these guys to come down to DC after I saw them open for Modest Mouse up in NYC nearly two years ago. Naturally, the Black Cat was a much better venue to see this guys perform rather than the yawning Hammerstein Ballroom (think DAR but without seats, and patriotism). Wolf Parade performed the majority of their material last night from Apologies to the Queen Mary but threw in a couple new songs during their hour-plus long set. I wasn't blown away by any means, say like Art Brut just three days prior, but they put on a satisfying show nonetheless (much better than the DCFC snore-fest). I would easily see these guys live again next time they roll into town, hopefully again at the Black Cat, as their sound is more fitting for that type of environment. If only their show was a night earlier. That way, I could've accepted the drink the dude offered me after I held his seat for him at the bar when he went to use the restroom instead of reluctantly turning him down since us Jews can't consume beer/most liquor during Passover. Getting teased on the very first night is just way too cruel.

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