The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Watch out for Hop-On's

Being both a huge 24 and Arrested Development fan, I couldn't believe that I missed the Bluth staircar that The DCeiver eloquently pointed out during last night's episode. Since I already deleted it from my DVR, I went to Fox's 24 message board to further investigate the 24gasm author's claims. Turns out he was right:

If you're an Arrested Development fan, then you know how much they use inside jokes and almost hidden gags. Tonight's episode of 24 featured the Bluth Company Staircar (minus the logo of course). If you saw the episode, during the shootout at the end, you can briefly see it on the tarmac. It clearly is the same vehicle. It made me instantly happy, but incredibly sad at the same time, since AD is one of my favorite shows, but is now cancelled. I wonder if it was an homage from the 24 crew as an inside gag, or if it was just sitting around on the lot and the props crew knew they needed it.

All we need now is a cameo by Franklin and we're set. "It ain't easy being white, it ain't easy being Bauer."

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