The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, May 25, 2006
I Turn My Camera On

Recently I've noticed while driving from Bethesda into DC that a speeding camera has been installed onto the southbound side of Connecticut Avenue, a mere distance away from the Bradley Boulevard intersection. It seems the Chevy Chase Village police are trying to crack down even further on the rampant speeding that occurs on this stretch of road, one that is already enough of a speed trap as it is between the numerous cruisers we've spotted between Bradley and Chevy Chase Circle. What the police need to realize, however, is that the posted speed limit of 30MPH is simply just too low for such a major thoroughfare, especially one that connects Maryland to the District. While there are several pedestrian crosswalks, one of the primary reasons for the slow speed limit, I've rarely seen anyone use them in between this specific area of Connecticut. 30MPH makes sense during rush hour since this route suffers heavy volume anyway, yet during non-peak times you have to drive slower than your far-sighted grandma when there are barely any cars on the road in order to avoid getting pwned by the cops. Upon further examination, it appears only the middle lane of Connecticut Ave is being analyzed by the radar camera, so you're basically in the clear if you stay in the left or right lane. Hell, if you're living life in the proverbial fast lane, you best floor that shit to 40!

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