The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, August 03, 2006
"Boneitis? Pft! That's a funny name for a horrible disease"

While I was home last weekend, my buddy Greg introduced me to a show on FX called "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Apparently it's already in its second season, but judging from the two episodes I watched on his DVR, I must obtain all the prior episodes NOW. This show is hilarious and seems to have partially filled a void left by Arrested Development's immature departure. How in the hell did this fly over the TUL radar?

Speaking of TV, I just found out that Best Buy has all four seasons of Futurama on-sale for 19.99 each this week. I'm not going to go crazy and buy all four seasons at once, but instead, TUL has devised a plan making it the most affordable (aka cheapest way) to get all the volumes of Matt Groening's underrated show. Thanks to, we were able to discover that Amazon is selling Seasons 1 & 3 (but not 2 & 4) for $19.99 as well. Now, since we have a $25 BB gift card from the loving folks at the credit card company, we'll apply that to buying seasons 2 and 4 from Best Buy. Then, we'll bide our time until our next paycheck to pull the trigger on 1 and 3 from Amazon. Wow, you've just been introduced to just a taste on how cheap The Upstate Life really is. It's basically an art form, just in a really, really shitty frame.

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