The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, August 21, 2006
TUL's Take: Restaurant Week @ Capital Grille

The Upstate Life decided to take it easy on his wallet this time around for Restaurant Week and opted for lunch instead of dinner. Capital Grille only offered the former, and since we're all about steak, it was a perfect fit. Lunch is honestly a better idea since you still get three courses (depends on where you go though), but pay $10 less than you would if you did dinner instead. Street parking is also a hell of a lot easier during the day, too. Anyway, we started things off with a Caesar Salad that featured homemade croutons and dressing that was downright satisfying. Other choices for the first course were a garden salad, gazpacho, or clam chowder. For the entrée, we went for the hanger steak, 'natch. It was deliciously tender and came with a side of perfectly-seasoned mashed potatoes. It made us question how amazing the other steaks taste like at this fine establishment, but we'll probably never know since, well, they're ridiculously expensive. TUL ordered the chocolate torte for dessert and ended our meal on a sweet, incredibly rich note. The Restaurant Week service at Capital Grille was top-notch despite not ordering from their regular-priced menu and/or getting a ton of drinks. Our waiter did an excellent job and was very attentive throughout the entire meal. It was what our dinner at Smith & Wollensky should've been, but I think our server there gave up on us after we ordered the appetizer.

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