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The Upstate Life

Thursday, September 28, 2006
Aw, Our First Hate Mail

After a little over two years reaching for that brass ring, The Upstate Life finally received its first-ever piece of hate email earlier this week regarding College Park's unofficial crime emergency. We'll call her Pissed off College Park girl for anomytitiy's sake.

Hey TUL,

Try getting your facts straight before you go making an ass out of yourself. The guy who shot off the gun in college park last week ran OUT OF Bentleys, behind the cornerstone, fired off two shots, ran to the front of cornerstone and fired a third. Therefore, the owner of the cornerstone was not "lying to his patrons" when he said the perp did not come from cornerstone.. Stop jumping to conclusions and take your head out of your ass. Who can help it if ghetto ass DC thugs want to come up to have beers at the college park shitholes? At least cornerstone implements a dress code and a very steep cover for non college students in an attempt to keep that crowd out. Bentleys welcomes them with open arms, as evidenced by the shooting last week where, and I'll repeat it again because I'm not sure you're smart enough to understand what I'm saying, the gunman RAN OUT OF BENTLEYS. Don't belive the first story you hear, especially when it's out of the diamondback. Try getting some facts straight if you're going to have an opinion on something, don't just rip off the first shoddy story you hear. Douchebag.

Pissed off College Park girl

We here at TUL admire Pissed off College Park girl's effort in correcting us on a story from which we gathered sources from a) a student newspaper and b) another blog, obviously neither of which are comparable to the standards of the Washington Post, but we felt compelled to let her know we appreciated the comments anyway:

Dear Pissed off College Park girl,

Get over it... it's a fucking blog. Thanks for reading!

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