The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, November 27, 2006
How I Spent My Thanksgiving

1) Barely made the plane with ten minutes to spare on Wednesday due to the ridiculous amount of traffic on 95 (of course it was the only day of the week where it had to rain, too)
2) Got to spend an extra hour at the Albany Airport baggage claim since my luggage was marked late and had to wait for the next flight from BWI to come in
3) Spent Wednesday night at the bars in Saratoga and got to have awkward conversations with people from high school I haven't talked to in years
4) Had the chance to observe three different fights because white, middle-class 20-something suburbanites have problems too (seriously, this shit doesn't happen in the real world)
5) Was not able to get home until 5am due to our futile attempts of hailing the two taxis roaming the streets that night
6) Was successfully able to avert a confrontation with two restaurant workers who also wanted to ride in said cab
7) Woke up incredibly hungover on Thanksgiving Day
8) Ate, and then ate some more
9) Realized Kitna can no longer be my starting fantasy QB
10) Learned how to shred some chords on Guitar Hero II
11) Also learned that watching people play "Freebird" on GHII can be both completely boring and extremely fascinating
12) Flew home a day early to watch Maryland lay an egg against Wake which will probably send us to play in the prestigious Car Care Bowl, because nothing sounds more prestigious than a bowl than begins with the word Meineke
13) Ate leftovers

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