The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, January 23, 2007
Boo Xbox Live

I love the fact that Microsoft makes it incredibly difficult for the average consumer to cancel an Xbox Live subscription. Rather than employing a simplistic online method, Microsoft leaves you no other option but to fucking call them. Yes, you actually have to use a telephone device and talk to a live person in order to discontinue your subscription. First, some back-story:

My younger brother left his Xbox (yes, the original one) at my parent's house when he went to college this past fall. When I was up visiting a few weeks later and noticed this piece of game equipment just sitting idly on the basement floor, I immediately pulled a "yoink" and took it back with me to my apartment. After acquiring Halo 2 through a friend that had 3 copies lying around (yeah, 3!), I obtained a two-month Live trial code on eBay for a mere $6. I had a wireless bridge I was previously using with the PS2 so I was good to go.

Anyway, I received an email from Microsoft saying that my trial was almost up and that I would automatically be renewed into an annual membership for $49.99 unless I changed my account settings. Using the link that was provided in the email, while I thought I was entering my account information to make sure my plan wasn't renewed for another year, I somehow through this process mistakenly migrated my account to an Xbox Live 360 Gold Membership. Yeah, I kind of don't know how that happened either. The problem with this is that not only did I enroll in an account that I had no intention enrolling it, but it also screwed up my settings to the point where I could not access my account information on the Xbox console. I basically made the same mistake as this dude.

Basically, the only way out of this Xbox Live mess is to call Microsoft, cancel my account, and create a new one in order access my Live account info on the console. TUL definitely does not want to pay for an annual subscription for an account that can only be configured on a 360 (you can still play on the original console, but can't change your billing/subscription info). The woman I talked to last night when I got myself into this predicament was of course no help and basically didn't understand what I had actually did. I'm just amazed in this day of age that you actually have to call Customer Service in order to cancel a subscription. And yes, while I do realize this involves the original Xbox of 2001, it's not like they make Guitar Hero for the 360, ya know?

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