The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Postponing the Meltdown

Last night's loss to Florida State was bad. In fact, it was very bad. However, given how the Terps have played ACC road games the last 2-3 seasons, it didn't really surprise me. A win would've helped us immensely. It would've been a statement victory beating a team that has arguably one of the best players in the entire conference (Al Thornton). Maryland played a strong first half but its defense simply fell apart in the second. You know it's ugly when Billy Packer is commenting on how he's never seen a Gary Williams team give up so many points that easily. I've reached the notion that if DJ doesn't play well, the team doesn't play well. The freshmen are carrying their end of the bargain (please Gary, just start Vasquez and Hayes already), but the senior leadership needs to step up ASAP (except for Parrish Brown, he's OK in our book). Now at 2-5 in the conference, the situation is dire but still fixable. Next match-up is at Wake, a road game that is certainly winnable for the Terps. Afterwards, they play fellow bubble team UVA at the friendly confines of the Comcast Center. As long as Maryland guards well against Singletary and Reynolds, they have a realistic shot of defeating the Cavs. Bear in mind, the Terps still have two games against Duke, a home game against UNC, and play on the road at Clemson. Unlike last season, Maryland's strength of schedule, current RPI, and overall competitiveness of the conference works in the Terrapins' favor. I want to say that 8-8 will get us in this year, but we all know the selection committee has that "What have you done for me lately?" attitude. That road win at Illinois is all but a distant memory. All Maryland needs to do now is get some W's. Hopefully, that starts this Saturday night at Winston-Salem.

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