The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Resuming the Meltdown

Maryland's loss to Virginia last night was one of the most depressing games I have ever witnessed as a Terp fan. Our season was essentially on the line as we were standing at 3-5 in the ACC at the time. A win against UVA would've done wonders for our confidence going into Duke Sunday night, but once again, the Terps failed to show up. Maryland not only got pounded on the glass, but their free-throwing was simply atrocious. I'm utterly amazed at the lack of leadership, drive, and frickin basketball IQ our seniors have demonstrated. It was the first time I saw Gary just stare at the court with a blank expression on his face after we turned the ball over for the umpteenth time. I would've never thought Maryland would be at 3-6 in the conference, yet here we are, staring the damn NIT in the face again. Of course, I'm expecting us to get up for Duke since that's what our teams of late tend to do, but why can't that drive be focused towards the Miamis and Florida States of the conference too? At this point in the season, getting to 8-8 would be a miracle. The Terps still have to face Duke twice, play UNC at home, and travel to Clemson (who's also suffering from a downward spiral as well). Going 5-2 with this squad just isn't likely. I hope they can prove me wrong. Now if you excuse me, I need to continue banging my head on my desk. I think my coworkers are getting concerned.

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