The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, February 15, 2007
TUL's Take: Girl Talk @ Studio B, Brooklyn

If you're a fan of:

a) A clusterfuck of a venue
b) A coat check run by one person with a line running the entire length of a club that somehow fails to move
c) Underage kids trying their hardest to order a drink at the bar, and
d) Annoying hipsters

then Studio B is the place for you! Seriously, we didn't know the place would be such a fucking scene. It kind of ruined the show for us. After walking a bazillion blocks from the closest Subway stop (Bedford Ave) in what had to be one of the coldest nights in NYC, we arrived at Studio B, a venue basically in the middle of nowhere sandwiched between some random, sketchy-ass warehouses. We fortunately arrived with paper tickets in hand rather than putting our name on Will-Call when we purchased them online a few weeks back. People who chose the latter option (including some of The Upstate Life's friends) had the pleasure to stand outside in the cold for another solid 15 minutes until they were finally admitted inside. Once we got in, however, we were greeted by a coat check line that wrapped around an entire structural wall. After standing in line for another 15 minutes with barely any movement, we said “fuck this” and found a ledge to throw our jackets on top of.

Girl Talk came on at around midnight and the show was underway. The crowd was insanely young and honestly, quite irritating. One of our friends was in line at the bar trying to order a drink but some douchebag was holding up the line trying to order six cocktails despite the fact he was under 21. He kept saying that it was on his girlfriend's tab that supposedly was over 21 but the bartender would obviously have none of it. After the dude's time-consuming, failed attempt, my buddy thanked him personally for holding up the line. Girl Talk's set was decent but the crowd and venue unfortunately left a sour taste in our mouth. We did find pleasure in one of the bouncers kicking off some of the girls off the stage, probably because I and at least half of the room felt they were downright fucking annoying. I've never been so compelled to dropkick so many people before until that Friday night. Thankfully, the venue had 2 for 1 drinks from 2 to 3am which was able to calm my nerves a bit. Here's hoping that Girl Talk's show at The Ottobar in Baltimore will be much better since it will actually be held at a real music venue rather than a shitty teeny-bopper hipster club. Then again, it's unfortunately an all-ages show, so naturally I have my doubts.

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