The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, February 01, 2007
Waiting for the Lite-Brite Ban

So yeah, that Aqua Teen Hunger Force-related bomb scare in Boston was downright hilarious. These things were up in several other cities for weeks but yet some douche in Boston thought it was connected to some sort of terrorist plot. Explain to The Upstate Life how Ignignokt flipping the bird in blue LED fashion is threatening. TUL could see someone misinterpret Cartoon Network's marketing promotion if the Mooninite's eyebrows were going the opposite direction, leading someone to believe that the Mooninite and its message are evil, but wait, I forgot... it's a fucking cartoon character. At least those who were part of the advertising street team are capitalizing on other people's stupidity. I like how this guy claims he's going to use some of the money from the auction (which is currently going for over $5000 by the way) for funding public art in Boston. Dude, we all know that money is straight going to your PS3 fund.

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