The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, March 19, 2007
The Aftermath

Now that's it's been nearly two days since Maryland lost to Butler, The Upstate Life feels like he's at a stable mindset to finally discuss Saturday's game. First off, that charge whistle on Strawberry was one of the most bogus calls I've ever seen in a game with such serious implications. I mean come on, what kind of ref would actually make that call with less than a minute left in the NCAA Tournament? It was an awful call, but beside from that injustice, Maryland simply didn't do the little things right. Play patient offense, hit critical free throws, make the extra pass, etc. Maryland's up-tempo style was severely hindered by Butler's slow but methodical pace which ultimately gave the Bulldogs the W. Butler vs. Florida should be a ratings bonanza.

Anyway, our Elite 8 bracket is still intact after all the first and second round upsets we selected never came close to fruition (yeah, the Albany pick was bias, but we didn't expect such a decimation). Who knew that out of the record-high seven ACC teams selected into the Tourney that only one (UNC) would advance to the Sweet 16. Anyway, I was satisfied with Maryland's season overall and would give them a solid B with the rollercoaster ride they took us on. From winning the Coaches vs. Cancer title, earning a 10-6 record in the ACC, sweeping Duke and beating Carolina, and most importantly, returning to the tournament, the season in my mind was a sound success. Sure it would've been nice to advance another round or two, but the future in TUL's eyes looks bright. We have another class of unheralded but talented freshmen coming in joining the on-court experience of Vasquez, Hayes, Osby, and Gist. Midnight Madness (we refuse to acknowledge it as "Maryland Madness") is only seven months away...

Oh, and on a completely unrelated note, I totally scared the shit out of this kid I was sitting next to on the plane ride home from Albany last night (oh, and for those wondering, we didn't have a chance to catch Man Man Thursday evening. Mom wasn't too comfortable with the idea of borrowing her brand new car and driving it to some part of Vermont we've never been to before). For some reason, I had Jim Jones' "We Fly High" stuck in my head all day, most likely from that Def Jam Icon videogame commercial that's been playing nonstop. Anyway, I have somewhat of a tendency to talk in my sleep, so when I was dozing off, I think I accidentally blurted "Ballin!" during my nap which caused the kid the next seat over to give me a deranged look. Can't say I honestly blame him.

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