The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, April 23, 2007
TUL's Take: Spoon @ Sonar

Just like Ottobar a few weeks ago, this was another first-time experience at a Baltimore venue. I keep forgetting what it's like to see a show with people blowing smoke in your face at every each direction ever since smoke-free DC went into action. Anyway, after an eventful dinner at a restaurant near the Inner Harbor we hailed a cab (meters!) and made our way to Sonar. I didn't realize it was across the street from the now-vacant Hammerjacks, a sight which took us back to our college days. It seems like yesterday (or 2000, whichever) when I was a sophomore paying $15 at the door for their all you can drink Thirsty Thursday promotion. It was also the last time I ever touched a Long Island Iced Tea. But that's a story for another day readers, because honestly, I'm starting to get nauseous just recalling that evening.

We caught The Oranges Band midway through their set, and just like Information Leafblower mentioned, they're pretty decent. In fact, we caught them open for Cold War Kids at DC9 during the DAM! Fest of which they played a rather entertaining set that time as well. Spoon came on a little after 10pm and introduced themselves to the crowd with Britt Daniel saying that "we've never sold out Baltimore before." I felt like the band was remaking a scene from Spinal Tap after they kept complaining about the lighting, but who could blame them? Nothing was working besides four lights that were about as bright as the bulb on the highest setting of my 3-way lamp. Despite the technical difficulties, Spoon played a terrific set that included several new songs from their forthcoming album. Overall, minus the toddler-controlled lighting issues, it was a solid show. Setlist via the Yahoo Spoon Music Group:

Eddie's Ragga
Lines in the Suit
Stay Don't Go
Jonathan Fisk
The Delicate Place
Rhythm and Soul
Small Stakes
Beast and Dragon
Two Sides
Don't Make Me a Target
Paper Tiger
I Turn My Camera On
The Way We Get By
I Summon You
Never Got You
Someone Something
Fitted Shirt

Black Like Me (Britt Solo)
I Could See the Dude
Anything You Want

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