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The Upstate Life

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Just What the World Needs, Another DC Sports Bashing Piece...

Wow, this arguably has to be one of the worst sports articles I've ever read. The dude literally rips on every local team in the DC area, pro or college, no one is safe. The writer's arguments not only lack logic, but the evidence backing his illogical claims are plainly lacking. Take, for instance, his take on the college basketball scene:

With college basketball's second- or third-hottest coach, Georgetown's back on the national scene. But with no extension imminent for John Thompson III, it's a nervous delight on the Hilltop.

We can always expect George Washington to come up for air every once and a while and make a little bit of noise, but to expect any consistency from Karl Hobbs' under-resourced program would be unrealistic.

Maryland has the resources, but can't seem to get into college basketball's elite, which is frustrating considering Duke's recent woes and the supposedly diluted ACC. Gary Williams is slowly becoming a basketball dinosaur.

Um, yeah. First off, we'll assume he's only talking about men's basketball (otherwise we'd have to mention the Lady Terps 2006 National Championship...oops, too late). Not only did he overlook Georgetown's appearance in the Final Four this year, but he evidently forgot that Maryland also won a little something called the National Championship in 2002. If winning national titles aren't admission for college basketball's elite, I don't know what is. Oh, and George Mason's improbable run in 2006 was nowhere to be found. That was arguably one of the sports stories of '06 if not of the decade.

Then there's the Nationals tirade. Sure, you can go the instant gratification route a la Baltimore and their expensive free-agent route, but apparently Mr. Kay hasn't observed the fact that the O's have a nearly identical record to that of the Nats. Hmm...

Don't even get me started with his Maryland Football quip. I could go on and on about that one.

Bottom line is that I guess this douche nozzle needed to write an article by deadline and somehow came up with enough filler that was deemed appropriate by the Sportsline staff to publish. I mean, the Redskins suck? No way! You're about eight years late to the party, dude, but thanks for sharing.

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