The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, June 14, 2007
TUL's Take: Voxtrot @ Black Cat

It's a good thing I left my umbrella at my apartment before venturing out to the rooftop of Perry's for Happy Hour last night. Fortunately the tarp above the bar kept us dry, but we were essentially stuck there amidst the never-ending storm and eventually had to leave to catch Voxtrot's show at Black Cat. The original plan was to eat dinner at Amsterdam Falafel, but since we didn't have an umbrella, we opted to cab it over to Black Cat and eat there instead. I don't know how many times I've reiterated my detestation for DC cabs, but $11.50 for two people from Columbia Road to 14th and U is just absurd. That's 1.1 miles for those keeping check. Yes, this is nothing new, but I hold the weather solely responsible (and perhaps my lack of umbrella, I guess) for messing up my falafel dinner plans. As for the show itself, it was pretty good. Missed Au Revoir Simone (again), but caught the second opener, Favourite Sons. The lead singer's voice was a blend of Jim Morrison and Neil Diamond and while they were nothing to particularly write home about, they performed a few songs that were pretty decent. From where we were standing, 80% of the audience couldn't have cared less and were anxiously awaiting Voxtrot to take the stage.

Ramesh and Co. came on around 10:30pm and performed a lively, smooth-sounding hour long set to the capacity crowd. While their new album has a few gems ("Kid Gloves, "Brother in Conflict") sprinkled between its 11 tracks, their best songs performed live last night were culled from their earlier EPs ("Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives", "Raised by Wolves"). We were pretty ecstatic to hear "Your Biggest Fan" as that's one of our favorite Voxtrot tracks if not their most catchy (then again, aren't they all?). Overall, they put on a solid show but compared to their intimate gig at Georgetown last year, it fell somewhat short. Maybe it was due to the unique experience of seeing them play in a study lounge with no more than 100 people in attendance versus the Black Cat and its nearly sold-out audience numbers last night, but that Riverside Lounge show was very memorable. I guess the Gtown show kind of spoiled me, but I would have been more into last night's gig had I not gone to sleep at 1:30am the night before. The explanation for why I got to bed so late that evemomg is quite nerdy, so I'll leave it at that. Let's just say it involved modding. Yeah, told ya.

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