The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, July 02, 2007
Please Add L2 to NextBus, K? Thx

So if you saw a dude with an Alberto's box (btw - incredible [at least in jumbo slice standards, which, naturally, are pretty low to begin with, but these guys shouldn't fall into that category anyway]) in his hand that was running past Adams Mill in order to catch the L2 last Saturday night, then yeah, that was me. I wouldn't have gone into pure sprinting mode had the bus not completely skipped the stop I was standing at for nearly 20 minutes. In order to avoid the douchebaggery of the block, the driver just decided to fuck it and kept going, leaving me and a few others in the dust. I would have none of it. Waiting for the L2 on the Saturday night is a crapshoot, straight and simple. Pay no attention to the posted schedules for they are of no use during the stretch of 11pm to 3am on Friday and Saturday nights. When it does arrive, seize the opportunity. That's why I went after the thing like it stole my wallet. And yes, we were able to catch it and get on. $1.25 in bus fare is still a hell of lot more worth it than paying a cab driver $13 and change to drive two or so miles.

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