The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, September 14, 2007
Friday Afternoon Quarterback

Last night's 31-14 loss to West Virginia wasn't necessarily surprising, but I had a huge problem with the amount of conservative, even questionable playcalling throughout the game. For instance, there were several times last night Heyward-Bey was against single coverage... why wasn't the ball thrown down the field to him? It's a fact that West Virginia's secondary is one of the team's primary weaknesses yet it wasn't exploited at all. The Terrapin defense, on the other hand, did an admirable job and improved leaps and bounds from their dreadful performance last season against the Mountaineers. Giving up only 31 points against a team with an arsenal that includes White, Slaton, Schmitt, and Devine is commendable. There's a reason why WVU is ranked fourth in the country and these four players are a glaring example as to why. There were a bunch of bad play calls but the one that bothered the most was when Fridge didn't elect to go for two after Steffy's TD pass to Danny Oquendo. Instead, they just went for the extra point versus keeping the game somewhat alive. Anyway, the atmosphere at Byrd last night was exceptional and you can thank Friedgen for it. If you would've told me Byrd would've looked like that back in '99 when I was a freshman I'd be laughing in your face. Some of these delusional fans need to wake up and see that we lost to a potential national title contender and not Appalachian State. There are nine more games to go for crying out loud.

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