The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, October 30, 2007
More Fun with Health Insurance

Seriously guys, I have the best luck with this stuff. So I went to my dermatologist office yesterday for an appointment which was made months ago only to be told by the receptionist that they no longer take my health insurance. The doctor who had taken over the office after the previous one retired (who I had seen on my last visit) apparently changed insurance providers and no longer accepted my plan. Well, shit. The receptionist apologized for this change and all, but I gotta tell you, this sort of information could've been more useful, hmm, I don't know, months ago??? I mean, how can you fuck up something like that?

If I would've left the office it would've at least taken me another couple of months to find a new doctor since I would've been a new patient and all, so I asked how much an office visit would be without insurance. Ready? $145. I should've called Michael Moore right then and there. There was little I could do about it and decided to suck up the cost since I had been waiting months for this appointment and really didn't want to wait until 2008 to go to a new doctor. It was only a follow-up and I only had a few questions, so the doctor still saw me while charging just $65 for the brief visit, which in retrospect was just $35 more than my insurance copay. I mean, it could've been worse given the circumstances and all, but it looks like I still need to find a new doctor. In fact, I already scheduled an appointment - now I just have to wait until late January to see her.

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