The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, November 20, 2007
Almost There

The last ten days have been extremely hectic but now that I've completed my second of two exams within the last five days all I have left is The Hold Steady show tonight and then it's off to Albany tomorrow morning for a much-needed break. From having to go to class not two but three days last week to being a part of Brian & Kim's wedding this past weekend (mazel tov again, btw!), I came this close to pulling an all-nighter Sunday evening for last night's exam since I essentially had no other time available to study for it. The thing that kills me is that I thought I did really well on it until the professor went over the answers afterwards and essentially crushed any sort of optimism I had when I turned it in. I know it's grad school and all and people say you rarely get lower than a B, but I have a habit of selling my self short and tend to sweat the small stuff, so I rather go home not knowing that I lost 8 points due to incorrect multiple choice answers while also proving a case study wrong when in fact it turned out to be right on a 40 point exam that's worth 20% of my grade. Kind of puts a damper on things which, knowing me will loom over my head for at least a couple of days. At least there's Rock Band to look forward to tomorrow night at Greg and Adam's house. Come on, the awesomeness of it all nearly overshadows the associated dorkiness.

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