The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Friday, February 29, 2008
TUL's Take: Wilco @ 9:30 Club

Wednesday night's show was another solid performance by Wilco. They never seem to disappoint and their setlist was a lot more varied compared to some of the other times I've seen them. They performed a lot of their earlier material from AM and Being There which was cool since I'm pretty tired of hearing songs from Sky Blue Sky, but I guess we can blame that on the Volkswagen commercials. Nels was, of course, purely phenomenal on guitar, most notably on "Via Chicago."

One of the annoyances/highlights of the evening was these two girls in front of us having a shouting match during "Roses Bloom." They were so loud that even the band, specifically Tweedy, couldn't help but notice what was going on during the commotion. In a truly awesome moment, Jeff blatantly stared at the two women throughout the majority of the song while strumming on his guitar which satisfied the crowd. Pretty hysterical.

All and all it was an excellent show and it was great hearing "Someday Soon", "Nothingsever", and "She's a Jar." Setlist via the 9:30 Forum:

"Sunken Treasure"
"Mountain Bed"
"Company in My Back"
"You Are My Face"
"Side with the Seeds"
"She's a Jar"
"Shot in the Arm"
"Handshake Drugs"
"Pot Kettle Black"
"Roses Bloom"
"Impossible Germany"
"Someday Soon"
"Box Full of Letters"
"Always in Love"
"Jesus Etc."
"Hate It Here"
"I'm the Man"
"Humming Bird"
"On and On and On"
"California Stars"
"Casino Queen"
"I'm a Wheel"

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