The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, May 08, 2008
Headlights Look Like (Broken) Diamonds

So my car was parallel parked on Quebec Street in Cleveland Park last Saturday night and upon arriving to my car the next morning the left taillight was completely destroyed. Reflector, bulb, the works. Pieces of glass and plastic were scattered amongst the curb. There were no scratches or dents around the taillight which leads me to believe that this was some sort of deliberate attack on my poor Toyota. I guess Cleveland Park ain't safe, kids! Anyway, I don't think the car parked behind me would've caused that sort of damage without leaving scrape marks of some sort, which there were not. Of course, no note was left on the windshield. I was able to find a replacement part on eBay for around $85 (still awaiting delivery) and bought a new bulb at Advance Auto Parts for another $6. Unfortunately, when I replaced the bulb it still would not light up. Does this mean the actual bulb socket is damaged? If so, that could be a huge hassle. I thought I would be able to replace the tail light myself but if there's socket damage I might just have to force myself to bring the car into the shop. I can't keep driving around with a smashed taillight but I've driven past several cops (DC and Maryland) and they haven't seemed to mind. Oh, and it's probably not the best idea that I'm driving around with an expired registration (don't worry - I printed out a very poor copy of a temporary one until my new stickers arrive in the mail). At any rate, this is teh suck.

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