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The Upstate Life

Tuesday, July 29, 2008
TUL's Take: Bethesda Restaurant Week @ Grapeseed

Despite living in Bethesda for almost four years, I've (surprisingly) never stepped foot inside Grapeseed. Last night I finally realized why it's one of the city's best restaurants.

Not only does Grapeseed offer their entire menu as part of Restaurant Week, but they also give you a choice of three courses from four different categories (Beginnings [Appetizers], Middles [Salads], Ends [Entrees], and Extras [Desserts]). So you could order two appetizers and an entrée or an entrée with a salad and dessert, etc. The only rule was that you could not order two entrees, obvs.

For my first course I ordered the Fontina Stuffed Meatballs which were served atop polenta, and let me tell you, they were amazing. Full of beef, pork, and veal and topped with marinara sauce, these were some of the best meatballs I've ever had. Rachel went with the Fricassee of Wild Mushrooms, which, not surprisingly, was also incredible. Also accompanied with polenta, the mushrooms were served in a sherry vinegar sauce and made for an excellent appetizer.

As for the entrée, I went for the Pan Roasted Chicken. It was probably the best chicken I've had since I went to Oval Room but I felt that Grapeseed offered a bigger portion and was overall more flavorful. I asked if I could sub the Fried Mac and Cheese with the Horseradish Mashed Potatoes and it was not a problem at all. Rachel went with the Grilled Monkfish and it proved to be an excellent choice. After looking over the extensive wine list, we decided on a bottle of Gewürztraminer by Covey Run to have over dinner.

After a filling dinner it was finally time for dessert. Let me tell you, Grapeseed closed out the evening with one hell of a Lemon Meringue. The presentation alone was amazing let alone the actual dessert itself. Served with graham crumbs and a scoop of vanilla frozen yogurt, this was one of the best dishes I had as a final course. The service at Grapeseed was top-notch and they didn't give you that snooty RW vibe compared to if you were a normal customer. This is the place to go for Bethesda Restaurant Week so do yourself a favor and book a table if they're not already sold out. Best dining experience I've ever had in Bethesda hands down.

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