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Wednesday, June 03, 2009
If There is Any Indication That Vasquez Should Return...

Look no further than this quote from

"Austin Daye and Greivis Vasquez had the worst performances of the combine by far. Neither player exhibited the speed, strength, or jumping ability necessary to make an impact at the next level."

Ouch. Just a few weeks ago it seemed that Vasquez was all but gone after his junior season with Maryland, but after working out at several camps, his stock hasn't exactly flourished as anticipated. Granted that Greivis wanted to test the waters to see if he was first-round worthy, but these evaluations make it seems like he won't even be drafted at all.

I personally think he's a late second-rounder after it's all said and done, but with such a point guard heavy class, this year's draft doesn't fall in Vasquez's favor and it's probably best for the Venezuelan to return for his final season as Europe is not an option for him. He might even have the chance to play with highly coveted recruit Lance Stephenson (should the NCAA declare him eligible, AND that he commits to Maryland) which would prove to be a lethal backcourt for the Terps.

Bottom line: Here's hoping Vasquez returns for his senior season, mainly because it will give me one more season of listening to Scott Van Pelt scream "Huevos!" during a Maryland recap on SportsCenter. Well, that, and the fact Vasquez was the leader last season in points, rebounds, and assists. That's kind of important, too.

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