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The Upstate Life

Tuesday, June 09, 2009
TUL's Take: Dinner @ Eatonville

Smell ya later, Georgia Browns. This place is legit.

Rachel and I stopped here before the TV on the Radio show last night at the 9:30 and this place was downright fantastic. The décor alone sets the restaurant apart from other places in the District while the location is undeniably perfect. Just across the street from its relative Busboys & Poets, Eatonville features a southern-style menu with reasonably priced entrees and some of the best collard greens I've ever ate.

This was also the first restaurant I went to where they had Abita on tap, not that I'm looking for Abita specifically, but it was a damn good beer. We started things off with the fried green tomatoes and they were really, really good. They were so breaded you'd think they were potato pancakes but the mixture of corn salsa and arugula made them delectable.

We decided to split the crab burger as our entrée and let me tell you, this plate was no joke. Topped with remoulade and pickled onions, the crab cake/burger was incredible. There was no filler and it was cooked flawlessly. The fries, by the way, are some of DC's best and now present themselves as fierce challengers to those found at Granville Moore's and Amsterdam Falafel.

Then there are the collard greens. Get them, especially if you like vinegar. You could really taste the flavor in each bite.

I'll definitely be coming back since I really want to try the gumbo, hushpuppies, crispy chicken breast...hell, the whole menu.

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