The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Monday, March 21, 2005
Weekend Bracket Wrapup

What a weekend of college basketball! The Upstate Life still can't believe that Kansas, Syracuse, Wake, and UConn are all now out of contention for this year's title. Fortunately for TUL, only Wake's departure dealt a blow to my Final Four selection. For one reason or another, I'm actually tied for first in one of my pools (the other individual happened to call both Milwaukee over 'Bama and NC State over UConn... too bad he had Georgia Tech in the championship game, ouch).

Why is it that every time The Upstate Life frequents Adams Morgan the possibility of trying to get a taxi to drive back to Bethesda is less than 5%? Factor that in with an evening of rain and you have one drunk, wet, and frustrated blogger. TUL would've taken the Metro (obvs), but since we didn't leave the bars until a little after 3, we were sadly left with little choice. Hell, I didn't even have a chance to purchase a jumbo slice. Then again, I failed to wake up the next morning with an incredible amount of heartburn.

I bought this shirt last week. I don't know why. Maybe because I'm just that hip (and I can even wear it to Maryland games, too!) Only problem is there's maybe six people down here that would probably get it while others would ask if the capitol of New York is really known for its poultry output. Gotta represent ya know?

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