The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, April 19, 2005
One Big Holiday

The Upstate Life ventured into the hotly-debated territory of the 9:30 Club Event Schedule over at this morning for his daily inspection of concert announcements. What he found, however, was a sole event going on sale in the near future, mysteriously labeled "TBA". Hopefully, nine out of ten people who saw this were able to figure out this wasn't the name of a band (as for the remaining 10% of you out there, the last letter of the acronym for Taking Back Sunday is shockingly an S). Anyways, this mysterious concert that is yet to be announced by the club is scheduled for Sunday, June 12th. It didn't take TUL long to realize that he had posted a bit a few weeks ago about an upcoming show at the 9:30 Club that would be featuring the likes of LCD Soundsystem and M.I.A. on this very same date. So there you have it kids, do the math if you must. And oh yeah, tickets for this double main event won't be going on sale until Saturday, May 5th. In other words, that will be four days after the Family Guy premiere.

NOTE - The Upstate Life will be heading out of town the rest of the week as he is in desperate need of some time off from his grueling blogging duties. TUL will return back to its normal schedule on Monday, April 25th. All hate mail during this time will be forwarded to The DCeiver since he one-upped us about that upcoming Ted Leo show.

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