The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Thursday, November 30, 2006
I Really Need to Start Making My Own Lunch, Part Deux

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate the Quiznos that's across the street from my office? In fact, I feel more than confident to claim that it is possibly the worst Quiznos, ever. Whether they're out of chips for more than two weeks or using napkins purchased from Giant (since they never keep their own fucking inventory in-stock), if I don't make my own lunch, they're unfortunately the most convenient option (the Chinese takeout place next door is not even under consideration). I mean, there's the basement cafeteria, but that's a completely different story. In today's adventure, we ventured across the street only to be greeted by a closed store with a piece of paper taped onto the door which read: "Store closed due to electrical problem, sorry." If memory serves me correctly, this has been at least the fourth time this year that this specific Quiznos has been closed due to a supposed "electrical problem." It's funny since every time this happens, all the other stores in the same strip mall are coincidentally operating just fine. It's painfully obvious that the manager, who clearly does not know how to operate a business to begin with, forgot to pay his electric bill. I mean it would be more plausible if there was maybe a utility worker or two trying to fix the problem, but the place was deserted. And of course, looking through the windows, we could still see that they didn't order more chips.

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