The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, December 05, 2006
I Really Need to Start Making My Own Lunch, Part Tres

After last week's fiasco, we learned that the store was apparently closed during the entire week! I hope you brace yourselves for today's installment. First off, they were completely out of turkey. How do you run a sandwich establishment and not have turkey??? They were also out of mushrooms too, which I guess is not as important as something essential such as a sandwich meat, but I digress. Next, the new lady (which keeps my employee turnover rate consistent) in charge of putting lettuce on top of the toasted sub asked me if I wanted "dressing" while she pointing her tongs at the lettuce bin. Since this was a new question compared to what I'm usually queried at Quiznos, I asked, "Dressing?" She replied with the original gesture. Naturally, I shrugged my shoulders and said "um, yeah", where she then applied the lettuce (or dressing, I guess) to my order. When we got to the cashier, not only were they just accepting cash (according to the sign taped to the register which read "Cash Only Today"), but their entire register system was down. The cashier had to process our order using a fucking Casio calculator. When she asked what I ordered, I said "Regular Honey Bourbon Chicken." She then asked what size it was despite the fact I mentioned this little piece of information very clearly the first time. This might have been the best time to break out a Jim Carrey Cable Guy-style impersonation shouting "RRRREEGGGGULLLLARRRRRR" after that. Hey, at least they had chips today.

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