The Upstate Life
The Upstate Life

Tuesday, December 12, 2006
I Really Need to Start Making My Own Lunch, Part Four

It only took one week to bring about a fourth installment of our adventures with the now fabled Quiznos across the street. In today's episode, everything was going smoothly until we were greeted by the cashier, which of course, was a new employee. Our total came out to $6.08, but naturally, we had a $2 off coupon, which, by the powers of subtraction, brought our total to $4.08. The Upstate Life handed the cashier a $20 bill and 10 cents, which of course saved us the trouble from having to carry 92 cents of change in our pocket the rest of the day. Anyway, the cashier unfortunately failed to grasp the concept that $2 off, well, meant $2 off, and gave us $14 in change rather than the expected $16. I explained to the cashier that because the total equaled $4.08 and because I gave her a $20 that she should give me $16 back. I explicated this $2 addition at least three times until two other employees came to the register, enlightened the cashier with my simple math, and agreed to hand over the $16 in change I should've received in the fucking first place. While this was going on, some kid walked in and stole one of the quarters off from one of those "donate 25 cents to save a child" boards. I'm honestly contemplating creating an entirely separate blog for what goes on at this store.

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